Sacred Flowers of Beltane Spread (by @ethony on instagram)

Well – I think first I need some heart chakra work (mainly green cards which represent the heart chakra in this deck).  This is a spread that was posted on Instagram by Ethony.  I love her Instagram feed – she always has awesome posts!! Primrose: What do I need to heal?  Growth Card

I have been in one place for so long with my weight.  I keep saying over and over I am going to change, but I haven’t.  In order to have the healthy life (and eventually pregnancy) the healthy weight is so important.  The time is now.

Rowan: What do I need to take responsibility for?  Victim Card

Sometimes when I get upset or very stressed out about something I look at how it can be others fault or how they may have contributed to the way that I am feeling.  That is all my ego.  I need to remember that I own how I feel, I own my actions, I choose.

Hawthorn: How can I get unstuck? Balance

Better work/life/health balance.

Gorse: What do I need to give up on?  Perception Card

Let go of my self perceptions and start the move forward.  Let go of self-limiting beliefs.

Hazel: What limitations do I still believe?

Yup.  I don’t have to much to say on this one accept accurate!

Madrigold: Where can I shine?  Trickery Card

I had to read the book on this one 🙂  Main themes are don’t be afraid to ask for help and you may surprised where it comes from.

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