Not many pictures to show from our arrival in Tokyo.  Got off the plane, when through treaties customs line where, and then we were left to our own devises.  We got onto the train heading into Tokyo and easily found our stop.  The toughest part of the journey was finding our way out of the train station, but one we did that we saw right where our hotel was, a breif walk and two large staircases later there we were in our beautiful hotel room in Tokyo!  Ready for bed but more ready for sushi,  we showered and took a taxi to a restaurant I couldn’t tell you the name of, but it was delicious!  I also didn’t take any pictures in there because it was so small (like 11 diners at a time small) with a mix of Japanese and Westerns and no one was taking picture so I let it be.  Then back to the hotel and sleep.  They have very firm beds at this hotel so I am stoked!!

Can’t wait for today’s adventures!!

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