Chaos vs. Spiraling

It was very interesting that the WPC was Chaos because Thursday I had a long talk with myself about how I thrive in chaos, but shut-down when things spiral out of control.  What does that mean (to me)?  Chaos for me is very controlled – it gives me my time in a situation where everyone else is freaking out/high emotions to be the calm in the storm.  To look at the situation and really be able to map out how to get through it.

Today became a bit more of a spiral for me.  This weekend my mom and my sister were visiting and for a lot of reasons that is a very high emotional point for me.  The we have had some work stressors.  We are prepping for a trip to Japan and just a myriad of things going on.  And then my Outlook shut down (I rely 90% on my Outlook to run my day) and I went from a controlled chaos to a spiral.  It was out of my control and I lost my grounding.

Learning how to deal with this is part of my spiritual journey.  How to breathe through the spiral and move forward vs. going down the spiral.

img_3028  Art work by Rick Fox

3 thoughts on “Chaos vs. Spiraling

  1. Sorry to hear that things sort of spiralled out of control for you, last week, and hope you found your foot shortly after. I too thrive on chaos, when there are many possibilities and things to do floating in the air. But when things spiral out of control, that is when I feel suffocated. And when that happens, I like to retreat and be alone and try not to let the stresses get the better of me. Hope everything works out for you 🙂

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