Why Reiki Runner

The runner part – that part is easy – I run – well it is more of an awkward bound, but runner sounded better than ReikiAwkwardBounder 🙂  I have run a three marathons and several shorter distances.  I am currently training for a half marathon in December

Reiki – where to begin with Reiki?  A year and a half ago I would have had no idea what Reiki is, what Earth Magic is, what crystals are, so on and so forth.  I was going through something difficult and someone recommended I receive a Reiki healing.  This is something that I would never consider at a different part of my life, but when it was recommended and who it was recommended with, it just felt right, so I did it.  It was amazing (I will explain all of this in later blogs).  After my first healing, Dina (the healer and also instructor) was teaching a course on Reiki, so I took it and then I took level two and then I started in her meditation classes where I met Bonnie, and Earth Magic practitioner and now that is where I am at in my spiritual journey… So that is about a year in a paragraph.

In this blog I am documenting my journeys, spiritual, physical, etc.  I really want to continue down this spiritual path and would like to share my journey.

3 thoughts on “Why Reiki Runner

  1. I’d like to read more out the running part, cause I enjoyed running a few years ago, but I stopped and now I want to get back to it. In the meantime, I went through a spiritual development like you! (reiki fellow here). Lokking forward to reading new posts!

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  2. I’m glad you discovered Reiki. I’ve been practising it for 20 years. Now I also work with Emmett technique which I find pairs with it for great results, especially when managing aches and pains.

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